Counseling in English

I am a psychologist with a certificate in autogenic training (a desensitation-relaxation technique), and a training in progress in couple and family therapy. At the same time, I also work as a school psychologist, where my focus involves group work and class-level interventions with children from the age of 6.

Most of my clients are adults, and I work with individuals, couples and families, thus I hold counselling sessions for parents as well. Throughout the sessions,  non-judgmental support and deep listening techniqe enable us to address any  aspect of family life. 

The purpose of our work together is to address  difficulties, explore problematic and recurring dysfunctional patterns and examine personal and professional relationships, in order to find better and more adaptive solutions.

The professional discusson may help in identifying your personal growth potentials and opportunities to resolve your issues and finally, but most importantly to assist you in your personal development.

  By professional environment I mean: it is a supportive, accepting and confidential setting, where an effective, empathetic dialogue is the most important „tool” at hand.

As a psychologist, I am not qualified to prescribe medication, but if necessary, I am able to refer you to various Budapest-based  English-speaking psychiatrists who can.

I have lived and studied  in the USA and in Italy. Having lived abroad for six years in total has given me a deeper understanding of the potential strain of coping with a new environment, a new culture.

I also have degrees in translation and interpretation.

I obtained my first university degree (BA in Literary Studies) in the United States, from the University of Texas at Dallas.


„Exploring the root of your concerns  will lead you to develop and use better coping mechanisms.”


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